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THE SYRIAC ORTHODOX PATRIARCHAL JOURNAL هي مجلّة أكاديمية حوليّة (ISSN 2414-6986) تخضع مقالاتها لمراجعة الأقران، تصدرها إكليريكية مار أفرام اللاهوتية التابعة لبطريركية أنطاكية وسائر المشرق للسريان الأرثوذكس، وتُعنى بنشر المقالات العلمية المختصّة بالدراسات المسيحية المشرقية والسريانية، باللغات السريانية والعربية والأجنبية.

إدارة تحرير الإصدار الجديد للمجلة الأكاديمية:

قداسة مار إغناطيوس أفرام الثاني، رئيس التحرير

الربان روجيه-يوسف أخرس، مدير التحرير


الدكتور سبستيان بروك

قدس الأباتي الياس خليفة

الدكتور أندرياس يوكل

الدكتور آحو شمعون قاشو

الدكتور جورج كيراز

نيافة المطران بوليكربوس أوكين أيدين

الربان الدكتور يوحنا هابيل

لميا دوماطو

العنوان: بطريركية أنطاكية وسائر المشرق للسريان الأرثوذكس

باب توما – دمشق؛ ص.ب.: 22260، دمشق، سوريا


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تُرسَل المقالات بالبريد الإلكتروني إلى العنوان التالي: [email protected]

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The Syriac Orthodox Patriarchal Journal (formerly The Patriarchal Journal; ISSN 2414-6986) is a peer-reviewed academic journal linked to Saint Aphrem Theological Seminary, Ma‘arrat Saydnaya. The Journal publishes articles in Syriac, Arabic, English and other European languages, related to the following areas within the field of Eastern and Syriac Christianity, including but not limited to:

– Theology and the Bible

– Liturgy

– History

– Language

– Syriac Studies

In addition to scientific papers, SOPJ also publishes:

– News about academic activities (Conferences, Ecumenical Dialogues, etc.)

– Book reviews (particularly academic publications coming out in the Middle East)

Editorial Board:

H.H. Ignatios Aphrem II, Editor-in-Chief

Rev. Fr Dr. Roger-Youssef Akhrass, Executive Editor

Dr. Sebastian P. Brock, University of Oxford

Rev. Fr. Elie Hachem-Khalifé, Université du Saint-Esprit, Kaslik

Dr Andreas Juckel, University of Münster

Dr Aho Shemunkasho, University of Salzburg

Dr. George A. Kiraz, Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute / Gorgias Press

H.E. Polycarpus Dr. Augin Aydin, Metropolitan, Patriarchal Vicar of the Netherlands

Rev. Fr. Dr. Youhanon Habil, St. Ephrem Theological Seminary

Lamia Doumato, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

How to submit a paper?

To submit a paper, you can e-mail us on the following address: [email protected]
Where to purchase SOPJ?
The Journal costs €47 / $US50 and can be purchased locally at:

– Mor Aphrem Center, 55 West Midland Ave, Paramus, New Jersey 07652, USA

– Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy, Tvetaberg Säteri, 151 66 Södertälje, SWEDEN

– St. Jacob Baradeus Monastery, Atchaneh, LEBANON

– St. Aphrem Theological Seminary, Maarrat Saydnaya, SYRIA

How to purchase SOPJ online?

International orders directly from Saint Aphrem Theological Seminary will have the following shipping charges: + €16 / $US17, Europe // + €23 / $US25, America, Africa and the Far East.

You may order your copy by:

1- Making a transfer of the total cost (volume cost + shipping charges) via Western Union to “Roger AKHRASS” (country: LEBANON).

2- Sending an email jointly to: [email protected] and [email protected] mentioning:

– Your tracking number (MTCN) of Western Union

– Your complete and correct mailing address.


1- Paying online (the volume cost + shipping charges) at, specifying to what end you are making the transfer

2- Sending an email jointly to: [email protected] and [email protected] mentioning your complete and correct mailing address.


1- Making a bank Transfer to :

IBAN Number (Account number): LB95 0028 0000 0000 0135 3984 6005


Account Name: Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate

BBAC Customer Number: 0013539846005


Bank Name and Address: BBAC

P.O.Box: 11-1536 Riad El Solh

Beirut 1107 2080 Lebanon

2- Sending an email jointly to: [email protected] and [email protected] mentioning your complete and correct mailing address.

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